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Break Pop Records Compilation III
20* Tracks, hand-picked from our first 30 releases

"Hey check out these records- you heard the good parts already!"
- how not to release a label sampler

Instead of collecting our most popular tracks for an autopilot-mode 'hey remember this?' release-
We delve into some of what you might NOT have had the chance to connect with the first time around.

With this release, we aim to have not only to brought you another high-quality listening experience,
but to have helped highlight some of the gems you may have missed in our stellar catalog!

Remember: each track you hear represents an entire listening experience of it's own-
Each featured sound being only the TIP of the audio iceberg; not the best cut of the bunch.
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Now Normally,
Admitting that you haven't listened to every release in a free label's
catalog is an Instant Point Reduction penalty to your 'Core Score.

---but in this case, we're giving you an in to go back through, and relisten to those old hits.

Really. It's ok-
Go ahead and do it. No one is going to report you to the CoreCops (this time).

Because hey. Look. We know how it is-
One day you're sitting around your lunchboxes with all your friends, and suddenly everyone
is talking about that new Break Pop Records release you had been meaning to check out!

All the cool kids (not you) are excitedly gushing, sharing seemingly endless
exchanges about "Favorite track(s)" this, "Best Musician Ever" that...



Your mind began racing-! You had to come up with an excuse to sneak away!
You had to get to a computer, and download or listen to the record-
No time to think! You had to act quickly- before anyone found you out!

But BEFORE THERE WAS TIME TO REACT- the spotlight was on you!

You did the only thing you could think of: PRETENDED to be down with breakpop's catalog.

Once you were caught in the lie, there was no turning back.
It was too late. If your IP was logged downloading now,
the Breakpunk Police would revoke your Amen liscense.
You had no way out. No hope of living a normal life.

Situations like this happen every day. It could even happen to you.
Fronting is a serious offense- and CoreCode violation carries harsh penalties.
If you know a friend in this situation, don't be afraid say something-

Download your favorite releases free today on BreakPopRecords.com
Remember: Winners Don't Front. Losing your Amen Access is no joke.

BP030 - Showing you where we've come from- who we are- and who we bring to you, the listener-
we sincerely hope you will enjoy listening to our records as much as we've enjoyed making them for you!

>> http://cat.breakpoprecords.com/BP030+.zip
* Please enjoy a special 7 track/ 30min bonus disc
with your download- for a limited time!



With today's release of the Breakpop III / BP030 Compilation-
(containing choice cuts from select breakpop back catalog releases)

Break Pop Records is proud to bring in the new year with some MORE big news-
today also marks the announcement of our NEXT landmark compilation, sequal to the
mind-blowingly devistating Breakpop Breakcore II compilation, a veritable role call
of this generation's independent alternative electronic musicians.

We've got lots more to share with you- and lots of people who want to show you what they can do.

Break Pop Records- We won't retire until it gets more trendy!


The first wave of invites are being sent out to Artists from previous releases, and other Breakpop Friends-
A link to an email address and submission guidelines will then be posted here on breakpoprecords.com
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